About us

T&P Associates brings together 6 years of blockchain/bitcoin mining deployments with over 20 years of behind the meter energy production. With expertise in the field of cryptocurrency, ground up mining deployments and energy production, the result is quality energy saving buildouts, each and every time.

With a mountain of unproven mining solutions, T&P Associates stands out as a community approved solution provider that delivers for its clients an exceptional behind the meter mining option.

We believe in growing the crypto community in an ethically responsible manner, and we seek out partners who share the same passion.

Only with quality relationships can the crypto space step far away from the scarlet letter of yesteryear and achieve true, meaningful adoption.

Vision: We strive to make a positive global difference through revolutionary innovation, bleeding edge exploration, and like-minded partnerships.

Phil Roberto | Partner

Over the past 5 years, Phil has managed five ground-up bitcoin mining deployments, totaling 150MWs and over $100M in hardware assets. He has also managed a multi-million dollar crypto arbitrage fund, with active trading to 11 countries, utilizing 35 exchange profiles. In 2016, Phil was fortunate to run the largest privately owned hosting facility in the U.S.

Phil Roberto

Tim Sandau | Partner

Tim’s focus is on large scale, vertical deployments. His expertise is in ground level logistics for rapid deployment.  He has managed five large scale crypto deployments, totalling 120MW, with a managed asset portfolio of $140M.  Tim has deployed and administered multi-site, geographically agnostic monitoring sofware and recruited programmers and mathematicians for unique R&D projects in the crypto space.